Healthy Snack Ideas

Snacking for Success

I’m guessing you can relate to this, but honestly I feel like the biggest struggle of the day is snacking. This is because I am usually underprepared and end up over eating random foods that aren’t exactly filling. Instead of healthy portioned snack, I grab the first thing I see which could easily be leftover Gluten free pasta, paleo cookies, peanut butter and chocolate, etc. Now it’s not a bad thing to eat any of these things, but it’s the fact that I ending up in a situation where I have little control over what I am going to use to fuel my body, which is counterproductive to my goals.


I know that in order to achieve my goals I have to set myself up for success, and part of that success includes eating well. So, instead of going hungry or eating whatever is in sight, I plan for the upcoming day. I make sure to prep lunch and snacks that will not only keep me satisfied, but are exciting and different. My favorite way to accomplish this is by playing with flavors and textured. For example, if my snack is a yogurt, I will add some cocoa powder, chia seeds and top it off with fruit and nuts. If I am feeling something savory I might bring some roasted veggies with avocado and sesame seeds.

The main thing is that you find what both satisfies and fuels you! You don’t have to eat the same thing every day, just find some snacks that work for you and make sure to switch it up whenever you find yourself losing interest.

Snacking should be loathed or a regret, it should be something that is an exciting part of your day that you enjoy!

Here is some more inspiration for healthy snacks!

·         Homemade protein/fat balls paired with fresh berries

·         Almond butter on 1 slice of toast topped with banana and coconut

·         Heathy homemade hot chocolate with 1 serving Almonds

·         Carrots & Gluten free pretzels dipped in hummus/guacamole

·         Apples topped with cinnamon and Peanut butter