The Importance of Creativity

Learning to create.

I don’t know about you guys, but as a child I would always receive a ribbon for my homemade crafts at the town fair…For real though, do you ever miss the days where your biggest accomplishment of the day was carving a pumpkin, making paper sailboats, or painting rocks?

For a little while there I thought I was past this stage and needed to focus on productivity rather than creativity. Thankfully, both my husband and I come from families filled with artist and abstract thinkers so it was hard to let go of the days of macaroni art. I found myself going through the motions of keeping the house clean, working, and cooking, without the satisfaction of simply enjoying my day.

I found myself craving all the craft supplies and spending hours in hobby lobby without buying anything unless it was “practical”. In all honesty life became a little boring and I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.  One day Instead of resisting the childlike urge to make collages, I grabbed some magazines and dove right into a collage making session. I also downloaded the Sims, sought out DIY decorations and new ways to cook. I found myself drawing again and after a little while I had a new found confidence in myself. I not only was confident in what I could create, but I was confident in my ability to grow and improve!  

Once I had allowed myself to enjoy the creative process I began to venture out into bigger things. This is when I managed the courage to dive into food photography on my Instagram page, which then grew into the creation of this blog! Thought it might not seem exciting, this is something I have wanted for a long time, but never had the courage or confidence in myself to begin.

SO the next time you feel yourself wanting to spend a few minutes or hours creating something, then do it. Acknowledge that creating is as important as an adult, as it is as a child.

Psst* what was your favorite craft as a child?

For me it was nail art and all the collages, which drove my neat freak father crazy most days. This is why I usually hid the mess under the couch! Sorry Pa, Love you!