What I Eat on a Gluten & Dairy free Diet

“So…What do you eat?”

A lot of times people ask me things like why can’t you eat that? Are you vegan, or gluten free? Do you only eat healthy food? What happens if you do eat something you’re allergic to...I can tell you now, bad things happen.

I am asked all of these quite often but the one I get the most is, “what can you eat?”

The beauty of this question is that I always get a reminder of all the amazing foods I can eat and probably wouldn’t have ever heard of if I hadn’t had all these sensitivities. In all actuality I probably eat more variety than the average person because of it. I find myself filling my plate with new veggies, nut butters, plant based proteins, spices and combinations that would have never peaked my interest if it had not been for all the “limitations” to my diet.

If you don’t believe me, or if you find yourself facing similar limitations and don’t know what to do, here are some of my favorite foods that I would have never discovered!


·         Nutritional Yeast: Can be used as a seasoning for a cheesy taste and can also be used to make vegan mac n’ cheese

·         Quinoa & Millet: Perfect source of healthy carbs and protein. Use for a rice replacement in soups, salads, chili, etc.

·         Almond, Cashew, or Coconut Milk: Replace milk with these bad boys to get a hardy dose of healthy fats as well as cutting down your sugar intake.

·         Gluten free Oats: Perfect in creating your favorite version of granola or blend and use as a replacement for flour in baking.

·         Turmeric: Perfect spice to aid in lowering inflammation in the body and adds excellent flavor and color to any dish!

·         Apple Cider Vinegar: I drink this in the morning to aid in digestion but ACV is also amazing on top of salads. Cut out the sugar and oil and trade you normal olive oil and balsamic for ACV and lemon juice.

·         Matcha: Use in replacement of coffee if you find yourself addicted and feeling crummy. I would find myself feeling the effects of caffeine in the form of depression and anxiety whereas Matcha provides energy as well as antioxidants without the side effects.


·         Dates & Figs: Use these for a snack that boost energy or use in baking raw vegan cakes for a perfect caramel flavor.

·         Rooibos Tea: Not only is this a great night snack, it aids in digestion and provides antioxidants that are more than welcome!

·         Flax Crackers: A new found recipe that am already in love with! They offer your daily serving of flax while keeping the crunchy texture of regular crackers. Perfect for hummus or any of your favorite dips!

This is only a small fraction in the variety of foods that I do eat and enjoy. No matter what allergies, or sensitivities you have remember that there is a world of different foods out there for you. It’s not a limitation, but simply an option to find new favorites!