Finding Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Foods


One of the biggest disappointment’s n my life was learning that my body couldn’t handle dairy or gluten. Thankfully I learned about them year’s apart so it wasn’t as hard of a blow, but it wasn’t that easy. When I learned I couldn’t have dairy I went from drinking about one and a half gallons of milk a week to nothing. Then when I was told about gluten I was consuming toast regularly and had a new found love for the taste of beer ( Even though I could only drink about half a beer…). To say the least both transitions were worth it, but very difficult. 

This is why I am here to help you along the way of transitioning from gluten and dairy to ah…none. 



Within the last few years there have been SO MANY new products that offer dairy and gluten free options. This being said a lot of these companies have a list of ingredients longer than your to do list. Therefore; it’s important to do your research when it comes to pre-packages foods, choosing carefully, while keeping in mind that you won’t always be eating perfectly.


You want to become aware of what type of foods go where. When I went gluten free I wasn’t actually aware that beer had gluten in it or that French fries are most times coated in flour during their cooking process. I had no clue until LAST WEEK that Nutella contained dairy. It’s really slightly embarrassing when I learn about foods I thought would be okay, but really just bring my stomach to tears. Therefore; don’t feel embarrassed if you have to ask at a restaurant, double check the label or google things like “does shampoo contain gluten?”, because honestly we have all been there. It’s a learning process so think of it like a research project where the outcome is less stress and a happy body!  


There is a never ending stream of information on the internet, but one of my favorite ways I came to understand what type of foods I should eat and what I should avoid came through social media. I relied on bloggers who had been through the process, Pinterest for all the recipe inspiration and Instagram to help get me excited about the new way of eating.

Trust me, if you’re ever feeling down about any food allergies look up hashtags like #dairyfree, #glutenfree, #soyfree, etc. and your feed will be flooded with beautiful food that makes you forget about that slice of wonder bread.   


After you take to social media and you see everyone and feasting on something like sweet potato toast or banana ice cream give it a go, but keep in mind that you don’t have to love it just because everyone else does. Personally I love avocado and find it a perfect substitute for mayo in my tuna salad but for others they can’t stand the taste. Don’t feel the need to try to force a food that you dislike just because it seems o be the only option. It’s your own diet and you have to create food that you love and are willing to skip the gluten and dairy for.


The most important change is swapping out the foods you have laying around your house, especially snacks. If you are trying to eliminate gluten, but you always have that bag of honey mustard pretzels staring you down then out they should go. That doesn’t mean don’t replace them, because there are several brands that make gluten free pretzels.

The goal though, is to not replace everything with the same recreated product, It’s about changing around the way you eat. If you don’t have gluten free honey mustard pretzels on hand oh well, you can enjoy those carrots and hummus just as much!


This is the final and probably most vital tip because when it comes to eliminating foods. It is so easy to feel like something is missing in out diet if you don’t fill the void with something else. This is a great opportunity to find some awesome new healthy whole foods that will satisfy your hunger and leave you nourished.

For example, I gave up coffee for quite some time and I found that the ritual of having a hot drink in the morning leaving me feeling like I had missed out. That’s when I started drinking green tea lattes instead! Not only is green tea packed with antioxidants it also offers the boost of caffeine that does not deplete my body, but energizes and sustains it. So find some good prepackaged foods, but try to keep the main focus on what nutrient dense foods you can incorporate!

Okay so now that you have the ground rules I’ll show you some of my favorite swaps I have made in my own diet. Not just for gluten and dairy but also for other products that offer little nutrient value.


Pretzels – Gluten Free Pretzels

Protein Bars – R.X. Bars


Cereal – Homemade Granola

Potato Chips – Kale Chips

Fries – Baked Sweet potato fries

Sour Cream – Avocado, Mashed

Wraps – Giant Romaine or Collard leaves

Flour – Buckwheat, Coconut, Millet, Almond flour  

Ice Cream – Blended frozen fruit (I love to use bananas as the base)

Peanut Butter – Almond or sunflower butter

Cheese – Nutritional Yeast

Whipped Cream – Whipped coconut cream

Refined Sugar – Dates, Honey, Maple syrup

Canola Oil – Coconut oil

Toast – Gluten free Ezekiel Bread

Butter – Ghee

Yogurt – Coconut Yogurt

Dips – Hummus

Milk – Almond, Coconut, or Hemp milk  


Hope you guys enjoyed the post, and let me know what your tips are for swapping out foods!