A Salad Recipe.

I don’t know about you guys, but I get into these days when all I eat is “healthy” junk food. Aka popcorn, dairy-free chocolate, smoothie bowls, GF toast, peanut butter, etc. All fine on their own but when it’s all you eat in a day you feel a little crummy and in desperate need of some greens. This is when I resort to a huge salad with all the fixings, including homemade dressing of course!

So here’s a little recipe for one of my latest creations!  

For the SALAD

·         Mixed Greens

·         Quinoa

·         Sliced Chicken (I seasoned mine with turmeric & Lemon)

·         Chick Peas

·         Carrots

·         Radishes

·         Cucumber

Now that you have your BOMB salad, top it with this heavenly dressing!

·         1/4th Lemon juice

·         1 tsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

·         1 tsp. Mustard

·         2 Tbs. Olive oil ( I used garlic olive oil and man was it perfect)

·         1 Tbsp. Water

·         Salt & Pepper  

Mix ingredients into a small mason jar and then massage into salad.

Grab a fork and enjoy!