How to Make the Best Iced Latte With Foam!

It’s summer. We are all aware because it’s hot outside. I don’t know about you but here in FL, it has been as hot as 105 with a real feel of 112…These are the days we stay inside and pretend that we are not as hot as we really are while we sip our iced drinks with ease.

One of my favorites go-to iced drinks is as basic as it gets and by that, I mean Iced Coffee. Now aside from water, coffee is one of my favorite drinks, but I like to use coffee as more of a special occasion drink so not to over-consume. My problem lately is that I came up with one of the best ways to enjoy an iced coffee and I’m a little obsessed with it….

This recipe offers all the joys of a refreshing iced coffee, with the benefit of that foamy layer we all love in a hot latte. Not to mention the kick of protein that makes this drink great for a pre-workout if you don’t like to have a big breakfast beforehand.

SO for this recipe think Homemade Iced Foamed Protein Filled Latte That Could be What You Need Most in Life Right Now…yep.

test1 (7 of 10).jpg


• 1 scoop collagen

• 2 shots of espresso or about 8oz coffee

• Ice

• Milk of choice (I love Almond!)

• Sweetener to taste (Optional)


• Pour coffee over a few ice cubes

• Add in almond milk, collage, and sweetener of choice

• Blend until frothy and smooth

• Pour into a cup with extra ice and enjoy!