I'm Sonya Peacocke (like the bird)

I like long walks and waving at strangers.

My favorite color is blue but it's not my favorite food. My favorite food is chocolate, rice, peanut butter, and ice cream, and I can only eat 2 things on that list.

I love people and food and smiling, but when I found out I had candida and realized I had an eating disorder all three of those things went away.

Thankfully after a lot of hard work, frustrating long talks with myself and a lot of prayer I am almost fully healed and am working towards a even more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Going through all of that was extremely isolating and discouraging. Therefore; I am using my experience to encourage and bring people together!

I want to cook you food, write you letters, and talk for awhile, but since it's not the 50's and we’re not neighbors I created Sonya’s open cupboard to do all of that in one place!

Here you'll find my best efforts in bringing encouragement and nourishment to your life!

Thanks again for stopping by!

-gossip girl.
....wait....wrong ending


Sonya Peacocke